Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Great NINJA Buff Fundraiser!

Hey Friends,

I'm very proud to announce that Team Ninja has a new member: Buff Canada has come on as a huge sponsor for us and provided us with custom TEAM NINJA Buffs! We are very grateful for Peter Collins and Buff Canada's incredible generosity. 

I'll be in this for every workout and race for the next year!

The Ninjas will be sporting our new Buffs while training and racing towards our Olympic dreams and you can do the same by getting your very own TEAM NINJA Buff.

Custom Edition TEAM NINJA - NOT available in stores!

If you want to show your support for Team NINJA while looking like a total BOSS, I'll send you your very own custom edition TEAM NINJA BUFF. Simply send me your mailing address and donate $30 through the donate button to your right. Your Buff will arrive within one week. All proceeds go directly to funding the training and racing escapades of Team Ninja.

Looking forward to having you as another new member of TEAM NINJA, HIIIEYA!



For more info on sweet Custom Buffs check out www.buyabuff.com