Wednesday, 28 August 2013


 The Ninjas did a sweet camp in Invermere not too long ago. Invermere is only 2h from Canmore and has awesome training terrain and weather. Our buddy Adam Kates provided us with team shirts to set the tone for the camp:


Captain America is such a BOSS that he doesn't even need to wear the shirt
 BOSS Camp Rule #1: You Must Always Wear the BOSS Shirt.

Amanda, Zoe and I getting in BOSS mode for the drive to Invermere.

Chandra in Wolf-BOSS mode. Key. 
 Rule # 2: Train LIKE A BOSS!
Legs only Like a BOSS!
 #3 Recover LIKE A BOSS!
Zoe relaxes LIKE A BOSS

 #4: Have Fun LIKE A BOSS!
Gettin' ready for training like a BOSS
#5: Run LIKE A BOSS! (ok.. this is a bit of stretch for me... :) )
Crushin' hills like BOSSES!

#6: Love your team LIKE A BOSS!
Being teammates LIKE A BOSS!!! 
#7: Take Care of Injuries LIKE A BOSS! 
No ice pack? No problem, chilled Rose will do. 
#8: Chill LIKE A BOSS!

#9: Show off your guns LIKE A BOSS!

Invermere was awesome! Thanks Kates for the shirts and extra, extra thanks to Sara Renner and Thomas Grandi for letting us stay in their sweet cabin out there!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Photoblog of Ninja Training in Ontario

 Had a sweet week training at home in Ontario!

Got to spend a few days training around Hardwood Ski & Bike and catch up with my coach, Jack Sasseville. He and his dog, Autumn are Ninjas too:

Stoked as anything to cruise the 4th line on a pretty Ontario day!

Loving the quiet and sometimes flower lined roads around Hardwood!

Getting a little cat-yoga in before training in Mississauga:

And by training I mean running along the lakeshore and practicing Ninja Skills with my brother, Andrew:

And then we did some lounging in the sun on the deck:

And went for a workout at the Applewood Pool:

Swim training doesn't suck here! 

 Pumped to be back in Canmore now. Look what I found in my bed when I got home Saturday morning!! A Ninja delivery!

That's right, it's a fresh, hand made BAGUETTE!   Looks like the work of Ninja Zoe Roy!!

Team Ninja is off to Invermere, B.C for our second team camp of the summer later this week - Can't wait!