Tuesday, 30 July 2013

R&R Aboard the Heart of Gold

Since the last blog, I struggled through 2 weeks of fairly pathetic training in Canmore with the hope that going "easy" would allow my back to get better. I had planned a visit back to Ontario for after the July training block and while I can barely claim to have actually finished the training block, I was pretty freaking pumped to be heading home to see my family.

Ontario Summer!
 I got to spend last week sailing with my mom and dad in the Thousand Islands. It's a 10+ year Thomas family tradition to spend time hanging out on the boat in the islands in the summertime. The water area where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario is beautiful and being stuck on a boat is the ideal way to avoid rollerskiing, biking, mountain running and other dumb things that are bad for injured backs!

Captain Diana

First Mate Graham

There was a lot of this. 

And a lot of this. 

And of course some Ninja practice. 
Even did a bit of swim training
And a teeny bit of F&F work :) 

Captain Diana also Lifeguards the swims from the Dingy. 
Sailing gloves are perfect for Ninjas. 

Got fresh stuff at the Kingston Market! 

Treats from the Market for dinner
Don't make me go back home!
I didn't want to leave on Sunday! However, my back was starting to feel good after two weeks of easy training, and then a week of swimming, 45 minute runs and lounging which meant it was time to get back to business. 

I was so reluctant to leave that I actually stopped and went for a test rollerski halfway through the drive to home to test my back. If it felt ok I would keep driving, if it felt shitty, I'd turn around and get back on the boat.
A different kind of beauty.
Luckily the back was fairly good. Delicate for sure but not in searing pain which made me so happy that I nearly cried! Back on the road home...

Spending this week training around Hardwood Ski & Bike and visiting some friends and my brother in the city before flying back to Alberta on Friday. News on that to come!

Thanks for reading :) 

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