Monday, 15 July 2013

Injuries? F* Injuries. Some Tips.

It's always easy to blog when things are going awesome. Slap up some pictures of you and your teammates killing it in workouts, add witty captions, blog done. Everyone is impressed and maybe even intimidated (I know this from reading other people's blogs). But the story isn't usually in the smooth sailing, blue bird sky days of training. The story is when things go wrong and what you do in response.

How I got injured is a boring and maybe not even accurate story. I think I crashed on alpine skis back in May which wrecked my lower back a little bit then I beat the crap out of it for another two months before admitting to myself that it just wasn't getting better. Worse actually. What I hoped was a muscle imbalance injury turns out to be more disc/tendon related which means that while physio exercises and re-stabilizing will help, I really just need to go easy on it and give it a chance to heal. Hurry up and wait.

Is this ideal for training? Heck no. Am I a bit bummed out? Heck yes. But that doesn't matter, I'm dealing with it and optimistic that everything will still be fine.

My Tips for Dealing with Injuries and Sh*t

1) Focus on what you CAN do. I can't double pole or tuck or mountain bike or run much but I CAN swim. Thank goodness (Diana Deakin-Thomas) that I did years and years of competitive swimming as a kid and jumping into the pool for a workout isn't a big deal. It's fun even! I can also do easy skating on the flats and hard skating uphill. I can even run for up to an hour every few days! Life is still good.

2) Laugh at yourself. Last week when I could barely get my own socks on I just had to laugh, otherwise I would have cried. It's ok to do this, probably good even. Laughing at the bad times makes you appreciate the good all that much more.

3) Be cool. There is no need to panic. All fitness and strength will not be lost. See items 1 & 2.

4) Try something different. Let yourself thrive on getting creative and hardcore in finding ways to get good training done. You might even find a new kind of training you enjoy. Today I tried some skipping and last week I swam 10 laps of Quarry Lake. I don't own a wetsuit so you can imagine how chilly that was... Radical!

5) Go easy on it! If an injury isn't getting better it's probably getting worse. Sharp pains during workouts mean it's time to go home. Find something else to do or just go home and ice it. See items 1-3.

So there you have it, an honest blog update.

In much more exciting news, Adam Kates send the NINJAS new team training shirts! I can't unveil them just yet but it will come in the next week or so... Stay tuned for that awesomeness!

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  1. I read "I think I crashed on alpine..." as "I think I crashed an airplane" which would've been pretty crazy and not at all boring!

    Anyway, nice blog post Alana, way to keep it real.