Saturday, 22 June 2013

News from Monsoon June

Ninja training continues to be awesome and we had our first podium sweep of the year! All 4 of us did a 5 Peaks trail running race in Canmore a couple of weeks ago. It felt awful (as running races usually do) but it was a good workout and super fun to get the whole crew out in race bibs for the first time since the winter. 

Sweep of Women's 20-29!! Didn't actually know I was 3rd so I changed out of my team shirt... FAIL
 We've been kickin' it in the gym and are all working hard on setting new chin-up PB's for June. We've made a deal that we don't get to go to Ardene in Banff for any new Ninja bling until we all improve our scores... talk about motivation.

Lunging it out as a team.
Another highlight was getting out for a over-distance ski in Banff with a couple of young Ninjas-in-Training. Morgan Rogers and Molly-Jane Strum of Canmore Nordic came and threw down a 3+ hour with Chandra and I last weekend, they made it look easy!

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"Monsoon June" is what this month is typically called in Canmore. It had been going well and not monsooning all that much until a couple of days ago when it started to Monsoon like crazy. You may have seen pictures in the news, or on twitter and facebook of the wreckage, it has been awful on the Cougar Creek side of the valley with homes being destroyed and many, many people being evacuated. The town requested people stay put for the first few days so we made the best of the bad by having fun playing in the rain.

On the Georgetown trail at the Nordic Centre 

Embracing life as ducks

This weekend marks the end of this second training block. Last year I felt like I came to Canmore feeling pretty fit and then gradually got slower as the weeks went by, spending my energy doing everything I could to stay positive rather than sending energy getting sweet training done. This year has been completely the opposite so far, training is going great and I trust that as a team we are all making gains every week. It's so fun to work together to make improvements and so inspiring to watch as we all inch closer to our goals. I'm so fired up for training every day that I'm not sure what I'll do with myself during next week's recovery block! I guess be grateful that I get to enjoy the rest feeling healthy rather than being desperate for it :)

Ninja Zoe is off Road biking in Italy for 2 weeks - she just left but we miss her already!!
Thanks for checking in!