Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pics of Ninja Training in BEND

We are in Bend, Oregon to train for 10 days. There's skiing at Mt Bachelor, trails to run along the river,  the Bend Athletic club to lift weights at and we have a way nice set-up staying with Zoe's mom, Muffy at her house in town. Thanks Muffy for having us!

Day 1 skiing at Mt Bachelor: The Ninjas get their ski passes and the man at the desk wins our hearts by asking if Amanda and I are twins. I wish! BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!

In the afternoon we did a sweet run along the river. Warm, sunny, rad. 

Today we got to do a skate speed workout with the U.S Ski team girls. We like to call them team 'MERICA! They are fast (fast as in Jessie and Kikkan were world champions this year..) and they are so welcoming and fun!

Between workouts the Ninjas stretch it out in front of the house.

We get psyched up to do weights by working on our Ninja poses.

And we relax by cruiser biking to eat cheap mexican food for lunch.

The living and training is gnarly fun here and we'll keep at it for another week.

Check out Amanda's blog for her sweet "photo of the day" updates www.amanda-ammar.blogspot.ca

Thanks for reading!

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