Friday, 31 May 2013

Bend Trends & May Stats

Bend was awesome. Totally rad and more fun than I even imagined. Training feels so dang easy when you are just having fun all day every day. We even got to go mountain biking this year! This didn't happen last year and I think I cried myself to sleep over it a few nights...

The crew out on the trails: Muffy, Amanda, Casey, Me, Chandi and Zo-ella

Holy shit having fun!

As a recreational (and retired academic) Economist, I like stats and numbers. Here are a few fun ones from Bend and May:

1) Team Max chin-up test results:
Amanda 15 - big winner this month!!
Chandra 13
Alana 13
Zoe 7.5 ...... We're coming for you, Kikkan!

2) Days on XC skis in May: 7
3) Days mountain biked in May: 6
4) Intensity workouts in May: 6 (does not include hammerfest MTB rides.)
5) Days of training with at least 1 other NINJA: 16!!

We also hit up another awesome Fast and Female event while in Bend, there were nearly 50 girls out having fun and hanging with the big girls.

Another thing I'm pretty stoked about right now are the new Fast and Female trucker hats. They are in the "I Support" line so they are hot for both girls and dudes.

Amanda models the hat while serving rest day brunch. Obviously I need to finish my coffee.

The hats are $20 each and all proceeds go to support getting more girls involved in F&F programs, send a note to if you want one!

Americans Simi Hamilton (US Ski Team), Matt Whitcomb (USST Coach) and rad dude Sylvan Ellefson rock the hats

In other news, although I am enjoying reading the reality-tv-like news about Rob Ford, I am terribly worried about the current state of the city I was born in.

Thanks for checking in!

Thanks Matt Briggs, new Ninja friend! 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pics of Ninja Training in BEND

We are in Bend, Oregon to train for 10 days. There's skiing at Mt Bachelor, trails to run along the river,  the Bend Athletic club to lift weights at and we have a way nice set-up staying with Zoe's mom, Muffy at her house in town. Thanks Muffy for having us!

Day 1 skiing at Mt Bachelor: The Ninjas get their ski passes and the man at the desk wins our hearts by asking if Amanda and I are twins. I wish! BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!

In the afternoon we did a sweet run along the river. Warm, sunny, rad. 

Today we got to do a skate speed workout with the U.S Ski team girls. We like to call them team 'MERICA! They are fast (fast as in Jessie and Kikkan were world champions this year..) and they are so welcoming and fun!

Between workouts the Ninjas stretch it out in front of the house.

We get psyched up to do weights by working on our Ninja poses.

And we relax by cruiser biking to eat cheap mexican food for lunch.

The living and training is gnarly fun here and we'll keep at it for another week.

Check out Amanda's blog for her sweet "photo of the day" updates

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Training with Team Ninja

Ski training season has already started (holy crap!) and I couldn't be more proud to share just how pumped I am to get after it again this year.

First R-ski of the season!

I've made some great plans to train full time with my good friends Amanda Ammar, Zoe Roy and Chandra Crawford. We are all outside of Cross Country Canada's "System" and working together as each other's own support network to reach our goals in 2013-2014.

Team Ninja has something of an oath that one must take in order to be sworn in as an official member. Amanda is the brains behind it but I think it really captures the big picture goals that will help us get the most out of ourselves as athletes:

1) You must swear to always have fun
2) You must promise to only be competitive at the appropriate times
3) You must be ready to throw down at all workouts
3) You must keep grumpiness to a minimum
4) You must never laugh at a teammate for wearing makeup during workouts
5) You must always wear your team bling proudly

Skiing with our friend Cindy in Team Ninja headbands at Mount Shark, May 2013

Modelling our Team Bling while volunteering at a Fast & Female event in Whistler
Some silly, some serious, all very important values. We are out to have a shit-ton of fun and, as our friend and mentor Pavlina Sudrich says"crush skulls" on the race course. Last year Amanda won the NorAM series, I finished 4th, Zoe finished 6th and we had 10 NorAM podiums and wins between the three of us. Chandra was 6th in the Canmore World Cup.

Team Ninja 1-2-4 at Western Canadian Champs, February 2013

We've already been tearing up the mountain bike trails, pumping iron in the gym, running, skiing and even rollerskiing this month. This weekend we will travel to Bend, Oregon for our first official training camp of the season. The U.S women's team will be there to train with and there's still snow at Mt. Bachelor so it promises to be an awesome time.

Downhill training.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Ninja fun!