Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ready for More

The races in Thunder Bay were already 3 weeks ago and boy, am I sure ready to get back at it! I spent an awesome 10 days training back in Ottawa and I am now the Thomas family chalet near Hardwood getting ready to race at Highland's Nordic this weekend. Ottawa was  a great chance to catch up with old friends and training partners and we had  real mix of weather and snow conditions which made for excellent practice. I hope every race at Nationals in Whistler this March is on klister - I freakin' love skiing on that stuff.

"Home" home has been incredible this week. The conditions at Hardwood have been excellent and it's been nice to spend a few days doing the hermit thing to just chill out and get focused for the upcoming races. I've spent lots of time reading, sleeping and cooking. If you haven't read Rick Mercer's book "A Nation Worth Ranting About" already, do it now. It's amazing. It was hilarious, insightful and positively inspiring. I also have to make mention of the fact that my mom is ready for the apocalypse here. If I didn't have such a thing for fresh vegetables I would be able to live here for months without hitting a grocery store, the fridge, freezer and cupboards are that well stocked.

Pretty Sugarbush trees in the sun

How can you not be stoked to go skiing when the drive to Hardwood starts like this?

It might be kind of old news now but I did decide to leave the Alberta World Cup Academy team in December. There's no real drama in the story (and I think the dust has settled just fine) but I had a good talk with Alex Matthew's at a couple of days ago and she wrote a really nice article about it. Alex and the whole crew at Faster Skier do a brilliant job of covering and promoting cross-country skiing in North America. Thank you Faster Skier! If you're interested the article is here and  let me tell you, it's flattering to even be thought of as a contender for the World Champs team, wow.

Kids Christmas at the Thomas Chalet with my brother Andrew and our furry little sister Alexis.
My parents and brother will be coming up from Mississauga for the weekend so that's sure the bring even more fun and positive energy. Can't wait!

Thanks for reading :)

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