Thursday, 31 January 2013

Photo Update from Duntroon NorAMs

Last weekend was a great weekend of racing NorAMs at Highland's Nordic (also called Duntroon) near Collingwood, Ontario. Saturday was a classic sprint and Sunday was a 10km skate race. It was the final qualifying weekend for the World Championships team so the competition was intense. I feel like I'm in great shape right now so it's really exciting to be battling for seconds in a tight field - that's competition at it's best, for sure. 

My whole family came! My mom volunteered as a starter/timer and my brother while dad were on socializing/cheering duty. 
Thank you to Mary Tribe and my brother, Homeslice for the pics, totally rad.
That's right, my brother is "Sir Andrew, Warrior of Denmark"
 The classic sprint went well. I skied a personal best qualifier but accidentally false started... meaning I went 3 seconds early. My time was accurate but the race jury decided to add 15 seconds to my time as a penalty which bumped me from 3rd to 14th. Not a huge deal since I still made it through to the heats but annoying to lose the qualifying time points for being an airhead! The heats went well and although I didn't quite squeeze into the A final, I won the B final to take 5th on the day.
Race conditions don't get much sweeter than this, fast tracks and blue skies.

Cute little cousins from St. Louis flying their Canadian "colors" for the weekend. I was so pumped to see this!

Ma girl Zoe Roy flying to 2nd place - love that grin!

The 10k skate was epic. It was a perfect day for racing with clear skies and mild temperatures. The track was fairly fast and had lots of tough hills and twisty, fast descents. My strategy was to pin it right from the first lap, going fast right off the line and just trying to hold on. It was painful all the way through, but as my friend Brian McKeever would describe, it was "a good pain : speed ratio". I finished in 5th place, just a couple of seconds off the podium and 36.6 seconds behind Brittany Webster who is now off to World Championships. 
I'm diggin' the new Ontario Team suits and my fast Salomon skis. 

Open Women's podium, 10k skate L-R: Amanda Ammar, Zoe Roy, Brittany Webster, Andrea Dupont, Me
Beauty ski at foggy Hardwood Ski & Bike with friends Erin Tribe and Amanda Ammar - spectacular trees and fast snow. Ahhmazing. 
I'm back in Ottawa now and racing resumes tomorrow at Nakkertok with another classic sprint. Saturday is another 10km skate and Sunday is a 15km classic with a pursuit start based on the aggregation of Friday and Saturday's events. This format is called  a "mini-tour" since all  three days are aggregated to crown an overall winner. Should be an exciting weekend!

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