Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Art of Urban Training, a Photoessay

I'm back home in Mississauga for a visit and a final bit of fall training before Frozen Thunder is unveiled next week and ski season gets underway for real. It's been fantastic to visit my mom and dad (and our lovely cat, Alexis).
When thinking of great places to be an athlete or active person, Mississauga and Toronto are not the first places that come to mind. While the GTA might not be ideal for year-round training as ski racer, there are still lots of fun things to see and do on foot, bikes, or even rollerskis. I've been having a great week of training with some really pretty runs, fun rollerskis and bike rides all right from my parent's front door. I thought it might be fun to share some of them with you through pictures, enjoy!

Port Credit has painted bike art all around town, this one is a fave of mine along the Waterfront Trail

Best effort at an artsy urban training self portrait
Waterfront trail heading from Port Credit towards Toronto, great pavement for running, biking or rSkiing

Pretty city view along the bikepath/ski route

Nice bike paths, nice view
Having a good time!
This scene looks familiar...!
Peaceful, pretty, this is an actual Toronto bike path!
You can actually rollerski here!
Another fave

Nevermind bears, city people have bigger things to worry about!

My dad wanted to pick the wild parsnips for dinner..
Port Credit trials riding on the Dahon, I'm planning to send this to Danny MacaSkill with a love letter.
Sweet to city ride on my mom's RAD Bike!

Port Credit yarn bomb.

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