Monday, 17 September 2012

Mostly Riding Bikes: Photoblog & Trail Reviews

 September is here and for most skiers that means that race season is just 2 short months away. For me, September also means summer is coming to an end and it's time to get a few more sweet mountain bike rides in before the weather turns mean! Canmore has some truly incredible local rides to pedal.

The most recent favourites have been the Prospector trail in Exshaw and Razor's Edge right near heart mountain. Both take a solid 30-45 minutes of climbing to get to the top of then feature incredible routes down. Prospector features a big mix of terrain, ranging from fast and flowy to techy rockgardens to steep descents right near the end. Razor's edge is perhaps the most aptly named ride I've done, after a solid 45 minutes of up you get into some dense forest to climb a bit more in the single track before traversing across and down rocky mountain ridges. It literally feels like you are riding along the razor sharp edge of a mountain in many places. The end section rolls down an exposed rock ridge with huge views and steeps that made me wish I had more than just 4 inches of travel!

Mike and I also made a quick weekend trip to Kelowna/Vernon to relax, see some sights and do some more new trails.

And now for less words and more pictures:

View of Yamnuska from Razor's Edge

Single coolest ride I've done - Razor's Edge. 

Mike shredding a fun bit in Vernon

I do more than just ride bikes for training! Knox Mtn, Kelowna

Centennial Ridge, not as rad as Razor's Edge but scenic nonetheless.

Hiking Centennial ridge with the AWCA team

Cheesy pose but fun toys!

Go ride bikes and love life!