Friday, 31 August 2012

Whitefish, Montana: Hot times training for winter

I'm just back in Canmore after a fun training camp in Whitefish, Montana. Whitefish is a really cute town in northern Montana that offers quite a few nice quiet roads for rollerskiing and a few big hills to climb on the skis or on foot.

Girls train skiing up Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park
Our team was training down there for 10 days and had the good fortune to be joined by National Ski teamers Perianne Jones, Chandra Craword, coach Eric De Nys as well as generally awesome speed girl Amanda Ammar. It was totally fun to shred intervals with 14 other girls and we even did a pursuit-style rollerski race. The pursuit was fun since we started all together and raced through about 5k of classic rollerskiing then did a high speed switch into our skate rskis before heading out onto the 4ish k skate course. The classic course was all flat and the skate course had quite a bit of climb to it so there was a great variety of terrain to work with. I got dropped a bit on the classic half by the main pack (still working on that double pole!) but had a good skate leg to make up a bit of time. There a video from the race below if you want to see what that's all about, unfortunately no video of how sketchy a rollerski transition can be!

Aside from lots of fun workouts, the camp was special because we got to stay right on Whitefish lake. With daytime temps in the mid to high 20s it was wonderful to get some real deal summer training done and then have the luxury of jumping in the lake and having lunch on the dock right afterwards. Hot workouts with swimming afterwards are summer training essentials in my eastern mind so it felt like home - awesome!

Patrick does flips for recovery after workouts, unfortunately he was too fast for my camera.

Other training highlights included: skiing 4x10 min classic intervals up Big Mountain Road in the hot, hot heat; doing a 3.5h combo ski/run workout in Glacier National Park, climbing Going to the Sun road and then going for an alpine run atop Logan's Pass; running up to the top of Big Mountain and then enjoying a gondola ride down; skiing a skate sprint prologue and then doing more intervals up big mountain skating; and of course, highlight of all highlights, the pursuit race!

Long combo workouts mean a team van fulllll of gear.  

More action on going to the sun road

 We also did a swim across Whitefish Lake and back as an afternoon workout one day, 1.05km each way. I was totally stoked at how many of us girls did the big swim, thanks to Coach Jeffries and Scott Edmunds for lifeguarding the swim on stand up paddleboards too!

The end of August is already here and it's only 6 more weeks until "Frozen Thunder" will be open for real skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre. The team gets a slightly easier training week to re-group after the Whitefish camp and then it's back to work. There's always more fitness to harness and technique to improve before winter. 

Working the double pole, isn't Montana pretty?

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