Monday, 13 August 2012

Eastern Vacay: Relaxed, Recovered and Rollin' Along


I believe my last blog post was a training update between camps on the Haig Glacier so I'll do a little catch up from there.

Good news: I survived the glacier camps! We actually cut our second trip to the Haig short by one day since the groomer had broken down. I was fairly happy to escape early and totally pumped to finish the volume block of training with a nice hot rollerski from Canmore through Banff and up Norquay to finish off. I felt like I was melting and my legs were so tired I had to take a few breaks from one skate to double pole up the hill but overall I mostly just happy to know I would get to go home and have lunch in my own kitchen and nap in my own bed afterwards.

The very next day I caught a flight to Montreal to meet my parents, brother and some extended family for my cousin Lindsay's wedding. With a big training block behind me and some time to rest and relax I had an absolute blast catching up with the gang and celebrating at Lindsay and Stephan's wedding. It isn't too often we all get together so it's pretty darn fun when we do!

My brother James gets out-styled by our Dad Graham, look how skinny that tie is!
While the big part of the training block was finished I did still have one tough interval workout to complete before really kicking back, which is kind of a funny story. I opted to do the 7x2 minute workout running at our hotel near the airport. My original intention was to warm up on the treadmill then run the 10 flights of stairs as the intervals but my plan was thwarted by a hotel security guard who informed me that I was making too much noise and setting off alarms every time I opened the door at the bottom on the stairwell for fresh air. After getting booted from the stairwell I was forced back onto the treadmill and so simply jacked up the incline to run my set. Luckily the Tour de France was on TV so I really had no trouble running a full hour and a half with intervals on the treadmill. It felt good even!

Cousins Lucy, Anna, Maggie and I enjoyed lots of dancing and some modelling of our high heels at the wedding
After the wedding and a lovely family bbq in Pointe Claire my parents and I headed back to Brockville where my parents had left their sailboat docked while in Montreal. Phase 2 of my Eastern vacation was to spend 4 days hanging out and sailing with my parents in the Thousand Islands.

Big cousins and little cousins all hanging out at the Deakin's place in Point Claire

 I spent loads of time swimming, eating, swimming, sleeping, playing games and just generally having a fun time. My dad and I also contested what must have been our 10th annual Alana vs. Dad 1000 Islands trail running championship. I won, again. I should mention though, that he won the King of the Mountains (overpass) competition during our race back from the car rental place on Dahon folding bikes. I really wish I had a video of this badass breakaway!

Lunchtime spread on the Heart of Gold
The third and final leg of my adventure took me back home to Ottawa to spend a few days seeing friends and getting in some classic Ottawa workouts. The ski scene in Ottawa is second to none in Canada so it definitely helped get me pumped to get back to work! I did all of my favourite Ottawa things; from doing intervals on penguin, to having sushi on Somerset, to an Olympic theme party, to visiting Fresh Air, to swimming at Meech lake, to rollerskiing in Gatineau Park and simply spending time with friends that I love, I really couldn't have had a better end to my eastern vacation.

I've been back in Canmore for almost two weeks now and have felt the most energized and happy that I have all summer. I'm well back into full training and feel great about the gains being made and the work to be done in the coming weeks and months.

It was so great to hang with my two biggest and favourite supporters, Mom & Dad!

Next stop: Training Camp in Whitefish, Montana!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading :)

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