Monday, 5 March 2012

Thea's Race.

Yesterday I enjoyed the thrill of competing in a local event called Thea's Race, hosted at Nakkertok North.
Thea's Race is held each winter on some of the most exciting and fun single track classic race trails around. It is an event that celebrates participation and welcomes skiers of all ages and abilities held in honour of Thea Holloway. Thea was a founding member and past president on the Nakkertok Ski Club and purchased the very land Thea's race is now held on with her friend Meg Weber.

This was my third time participating in Thea's Race and I had so much fun yet again. The race was held on a 2k loop consisting of one long, narrow climb followed by a gradual, twisting, narrow downhill followed by a steeper, snaking, narrow downhill with a section of double pole to start and finish each loop, just for good measure. With such a unique course it was a race not just of fitness and strength but of agility and fearlessness too.

The race got off to a fast start with my friend Sheila Kealey (XC Ottawa) attacking right from the get go. I tucked in behind her for the first part of the race before lodging myself in a snowbank around the first technical corner of the downhill. Kendra Murray of Carleton/Whitehorse sped by me at this point as I scrambled to dig myself out. Once untangled I did my best to collect speed to catch back up only to crash again at the bottom of the hill. Perhaps I was a bit too fearless! I got up yet again and got right back to hammering to catch up to Kendra and Sheila. Luckily I was able to catch back on with them and we had an exciting battle around the final of our 4 laps. Unluckily, Sheila had her turn crashing on this lap so it was just Kendra and I left for an epic double pole sprint to the finish. I barely managed to edge her out for the win which was the perfect was to cap off such an eventful race!

Sue Holloway, Thea's daughter and Olympian in XC Skiing AND Paddling won the master women's race in addition to organizing the event. Go Sue!

Some of the best parts of the day came after the race when I got to do a cool down ski with my good friend Anna Crawford on more of the cool Nakkertok North trails. After this I also got to watch a gang of little Nakkertokers huck jumps in the stadium area. I saw one little shredder do a flip on skis! Sadly I didn't have a camera with me to catch a pic.

I won this gorgeous pottery mug and get to keep this cool trophy until next year!

It was great to take part in a race with such a positive atmosphere. I was inspired by how many people came out to participate and tackle the gnarly course for the simple joy of doing it. Huge thanks to Nakkertok and everyone who helped put this on!

Ski friends Sheila Kealey, myself and Anna Crawford on the Senior Women's podium.

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