Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Far Hills Epics

Last weekend we went to Far Hills for a Quebece Cup race. Watch the video below and see just how epic it was. (I can't seem to embed the video since it's private on youtube. Consider yourself part of exclusive club!)


I'd only been to Far Hills to mountain bike before and that was quite the adventure also. The alternator in my beloved Mazda (starring in the video above) blew on the drive there which left me stranded in Ste. Adele and led to busing home through Montreal. I didn't actually get any riding in until a few days later when I went back with a friend to rescue the mazda but the trails were fun enough to make me feel like it wasn't a complete waste of time. The ski trails turned out to be pretty nice too with a few good climbs and lots of chute downhills with sharp corners at the bottoms.

I raced a forgettable 5k skate on Saturday. I was lucky that the course was fun and the icy, screaming fast conditions suited my skating strengths almost enough to cover how sluggish I felt. It's always a bit of a drag to have a less than excellent race but it's basically the only one I've had so far this season. I tried my best to cheer myself up by going for a fun cool down ski with the Nakkertok girls on some of the really pretty trails around Far Hills.

Skiing across a frozen lake in the glorious sunshine

Posing on top of a lookout over the lake.

After the race and cool down ski we headed back to the Gagne family chalet in nearby Morin Heights for a recovery hottub and relaxing afternoon. It was super nice to have such a nice place to stay for the weekend!

I sat out the classic races on Sunday but had some fun watching and cheering on friends. Lots of other Nakkertok and Ottawa/Gatineau skiers had great races so that was nice to see.

For those who made it this far (or maybe more for my dad Graham who actually owns the mazda), I should admit that I wasn't actually going 110km/h on a rural Quebec road. That was just a fine piece of creative videography by my friend/film maker/teammate Steffan Lloyd.

I have a few days of chillin' in Ottawa right now, catching up on resting and working at everyone's favourite ski and bike shop before I head to Quebec City on Friday morning for Nationals. My mom is coming for the first few days so I'm extra, extra excited to go!

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